Get your rocks on!

A heavenly Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate treatment anytime of year, but in the Winter months it adds another level of bliss.

We caught up with Amber Denham post-treatment to find out all about it.

What treatment did you have and with which therapist?
A Hot Stone Back Massage with Holly. What an amazing treatment! I feel like new woman.

How would you describe your treatment?
Completely and utterly relaxing and comforting. I felt cold and stiff all day from the cold weather and the entire treatment felt like a dream - so amazing! The heat of stones felt like it worked even deeper into my muscles and I had knots in my back I didn’t even think I had.

How did you feel in the treatment?
I felt really relaxed and cosy, I could have fallen asleep!

How did it make you feel afterwards?
My entire body and mind feel completely relax and at ease, and my back especially feels much looser and better.

Would you recommend this treatment and would you have it again?
Yes, I would 100% recommend this treatment, there was so much more involved than I imagined and I also feel so many benefits already from the treatment.

Any thing you particularly liked or disliked?
I liked all of it! Thank you so much Holly - I am going to recommend this to everyone I know!

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