Meet the Team: Lisa, our Wonderful Salon Manager

How long have you worked in the beauty industry? 

Around 14 years- 12 of those here at Tylney Hall!

Tell us about your journey since starting here... 

I started as a beauty therapist then worked my way to become a senior therapist. I’ve been head therapist for about 6 years now.

Why did you get into beauty? 

Family connections. My aunt was a hairdresser who did a little bit of beauty on the side and she got me hooked! I started with hairdressing at first but never felt like it was for me, then I just fell in love with the beauty industry! I love looking after people and really helping them relax. There is nothing better than making a persons day better.

What is your favourite treatment at Tylney Hall?

Facials! You can really see the difference in the client's skin and then being able to recommend products afterward, especially when it’s a new client- you can really help them, plus they are so relaxing! Facials can be wonderful and people just don't realise how much tension is held in your face. When people have a facial, the tension just melts away!

What is your favourite thing about Tylney Hall? 

The gardens are stunning, our gardeners work so hard. Spring is my favourite time to enjoy them with the buds on the trees and all the fresh spring flowers. 

Any beauty tips for Spring? 

At this time of year it is typical for skin to look a bit dull. So my best tip is to use a serum which is a fantastic booster for the skin, especially after winter. I would recommend using the Kerstin Florian Serum C Plus, which can be purchased in our salon, as it’s all natural based products and rich in Vitamin C giving your skin an extra boost.